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Challenge of CI/CD for Video Collaboration Device Vendors

In today’s world of CI/CD, device vendors not only have to keep pace with their own development, but with the constant updates from Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex and others. In order to stay ahead of the competition and provide the best customer experience possible, it is vital that you test your devices continuously for complete interoperability with the most popular UC platforms.

Introduce Video Collaboration Devices into Market at the Speed of Innovation

tekVizion is the industry leader in testing complex collaboration solutions. We are the authorized test partner for Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft, RingCentral and Zoom.

tekVizion will help you keep up with the competition by accelerating your products and features to market faster with our interoperability lab, automation, and industry expertise. Through continuous testing of your devices, we create a reliable room system experience for your customers.    

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Video Collaboration Continuous Testing

Case Study – Global Video Collaboration Device Manufacturer

Customer Problem

A global video conferencing device manufacturer was experiencing delays in the launch of their new products and features due to constant updates from Microsoft Teams and peripherals. The device manufacturer needed to scale their device testing efforts to focus on providing their customers with new and innovative room systems.

Solution Implemented

As the authorized testing partner for Microsoft, tekvizion certified the device manufacturers’ three key room systems for Microsoft Teams. tekVizion also continuously tested the manufacturers’ room systems to ensure interoperability with Microsoft Teams through the platform’s constant updates.

Business Impact

Through the partnership with tekVizion, the device manufacturer was able to release six new variations of their three room systems. tekVizion was able to identify an average 24.5 bugs over 30 releases within a six-month period. tekVizion also detected bugs before end users experienced issues and reduced support calls by 90%.

tekVizion is the Trusted Source in Interoperability Testing for the Leading UC Platforms, Software Providers and Equipment Manufacturers