tekVizion’s platform and integration (e.g. testing, implementation, reliability, scalability, etc.) helps businesses deliver new applications and services while accelerating roadmaps.

Service Providers

tekVizion’s Virtual Lab, automation and best practices bring agility and scalability to testing and helps launch new devices and services to market faster.

Network Equipment Vendors and Independent Software Vendors

Get transactional testing to a specific solution or certification.

Large Enterprises

Enterprises that utilize voice as a critical service for their business performance — tekVizion automation helps continuously test and ensure uptime of highly critical voice systems.

Certification Testing & Trusted Partners

tekVizion provides independent validation of interoperability between elements in business communication solutions. The majority of the world’s leading vendors have outsourced their interoperability test programs to tekVizion including BroadSoft, Cisco, Microsoft, Mitel, NEC, Panasonic, Ribbon, Unify, Zoom and more.

Read more about our Trusted Partners, who are permanent fixtures in our lab, below. Don’t see the vendor you need to certify with listed below? No problem! We have over 300 network elements already in our lab and the list is growing every day —contact us to find out more. We currently certify over 700 business communications applications per year. We are so confident in our work, we guarantee it. Read more about our #tekVizionVerified Guarantee!

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Learn how automation of testing work flows can increase the quality, efficiency and speed of rolling out and maintaining high quality business communication networks.

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