Mitel Certification & Qualification Testing

tekVizion is proud to serve Mitel Solutions Alliance (MSA) members by offering “Mitel-Compatible Test (MCT)” certification as part of the Mitel Interoperability Certification program. MSA is the Mitel developer partner program, and you are strongly encouraged to become a member prior to requesting MCT certification.
tekVizion provides SIP Trunking and SIP lineside interoperability testing with Mitel core products and platforms, for the MCT certification level.

To pursue MCT certification testing:

  1. Become a Mitel Solutions Alliance (MSA) member using the following link to register:
  2. Already a member, but have a new MCT certification request? Send your information to or call 214-242-5900 to request and schedule testing.
  3. Once MCT certification is complete, Mitel will add the MCT-certified listing and designation for the Product in the Mitel Interop Reference Guide and send the MCT logo package for your use.
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