BROADSOFT Certification & Qualification Testing

Interoperability Testing with BroadSoft BroadWorks

Equipment, client and application vendors interested in performing SIP interoperability testing between their product and the BroadSoft BroadWorks platform may engage tekVizion Labs to perform the testing. tekvizion is authorized by BroadSoft for third-party SIP interoperability testing against the BroadWorks platform using BroadSoft’s interoperability test plans.

The tekVizion lab maintains the latest release of the BroadWorks platform for testing. tekVizion can also provide older BroadWorks releases for testing upon request. The tekVizion team is trained and knowledgeable on the BroadWorks platform and remains abreast of interface changes and new features affecting interoperability with BroadWorks.

After tekVizion completes the interoperability testing, tekVizion provides the test results to BroadSoft who reviews the test results and determines pass/fail status. The vendor is responsible for BroadSoft’s validation fee. Test results that pass are designated as “validated” by BroadSoft. The vendor is required to work with BroadSoft to produce a configuration guide to complete the validation. BroadSoft publishes the configuration guide to the BroadSoft Xchange website which is accessible by service providers, system integrators and other BroadSoft customers.

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