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Onboarding Program Overview


Operator Connect allows enterprises to “bring their own carrier” for MS Teams PSTN calling.

Why You Need It

Enterprise customers can directly select their operator from Microsoft’s self-service portal. You want to be an option in that portal.

How We Can Help

tekVizion is the authorized lab to help you become a validated Operator.

Operator Connect Onboarding Project
Onboarding Project Review
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How to Join

  1. Review Microsoft’s eligibility requirements to be nominated as an official operator in their directory.
  2. Complete the nomination form and submit to Microsoft
  3. Upon approval of eligibility and requirements, Microsoft will recommend you contact tekVizion.
  4. tekVizion will offer service packages for onboarding depending on the support level needed.
  5. Onboarding process will begin after you select one of the service packages offered.
  6. After onboarding, tekVizion will be a test tenant for your service to ensure all requirements are met. (tekVizion 360 customers)
  7. Upon successful completion of validation and testing, tekVizion will provide results to Microsoft.
  8. Microsoft will list you as an official operator in their directory.

How to Onboard

  1. Infrastructure Integration
    – Authentication & Access to OC Portal & API
    – Trunk and calling profile Setup
    – MAPS and/or ER Setup
    – Teams Setup and IVT Testing
  2. API Integration and Testing
    – TN acquisition
    – CDR/Call Duration
  3. Operational Readiness
    – Shared tools
    – Validation results

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If you are ready to start onboarding or want to learn more about the Operator Connect Program, reach out to using the form below.