#tekVizionVerified Guarantee FAQ


What is the actual guarantee?

If a #tekVizionVerified product is deployed in the field and found to have an interoperability issue, tekVizion will provide support to diagnose the problem and provide work-around, configuration changes and/or version upgrade/downgrade recommendations. tekVizion will also provide re-test and an updated configuration guide/application notes.

What do I get for the guarantee?

Under the guarantee, tekVizion will provide a limited warranty to help diagnose the interoperability issue reported for up to a maximum of 4 business hours. If the interoperability issue is identified as a misconfiguration or a non-conforming version of the product, the solicitor of the warranty will be responsible to pay for the diagnostic hours at tekVizion’s standard support rates.

If the interoperability issue is identified as an incorrect result under the #tekVizionVerified scope, tekVizion Labs will:

  • Provide a work-around such as configuration changes and/or version upgrade/downgrade recommendations.
  • Perform a thorough re-test of the configuration and publish an updated #tekVizionVerified configuration guide or application notes.

How does this benefit the end buyer?

The #tekVizionVerified seal gives the enterprise IT buyer assurance that the components in a solution will interoperate, thus de-risking the solution purchase.

It is not uncommon today for an enterprise organization to go to RFP, evaluate products and choose a solution on the hope it will work together correctly, only to find out during implementation that some components are not fully interoperable. At that point the onus is on the enterprise IT organization to figure out a work around or pay for additional professional services to do so. By choosing products that are  # tekVizionVerified, enterprises now have the assurance that their solutions will work as advertised, and give them recourse to resolve the problem if not.

How does this benefit vendors and service providers?

#tekVizionVerified gives buyers an unprecedented guarantee of interoperability, and therefore these products will become preferential when choosing solutions. Vendors and service providers can sell with confidence, assuring their customers that solutions will work and if they do have an interoperability problem they have an avenue for diagnosis and support backed by tekVizion. 

#tekVizionVerified Covered Products

What qualifies as “#tekVizionVerified”?

Any test performed by tekVizion and bearing the brand “#tekVizionVerified” will be covered. This includes tests offered under tekVizion’s certification/validation testing, Testing as a Service (TaaS) and SIP Trunking Testing services.

To qualify for the warranty, the covered products must be deployed using the same versions and configurations tested. Any features not tested, or identified at the time of test to be non-conforming, are not covered by the Guarantee.

How do we check if a specific vendor product version has been #tekVizionVerified?

Go on the web to www.tekvizionverified.com to perform an easy-to-use search and check if your preferred vendor solution has been #tekVizionVerified.

If you need further clarification or want to check if a particular feature is covered, submit a request for more information at www.tekVizion.com/contact-us and a tekVizion representative will get back to you. There is no charge for this inquiry.

How long is the warranty term?

All #tekVizionVerified versions will be under warranty for up to 2 years from the date of issuing the #tekVizionVerified seal.

Submitting a Claim

What is the claim submission process?

  • Go to www.tekvizionverified.com and check if the product(s) you are deploying have been #tekVizionVerified. If you need further clarification you can also submit a request for more information at www.tekVizion.com/contact-us.
  • To submit a claim go to tekvizion.com/form-claim/ and fill out the simple questionnaire about your vendor products, product versions and a description of the problem.
  • You will receive an email confirmation back that your claim has been submitted.
  • A tekVizion Warranty Expert will contact you within one business day to gather any additional information and start the claim process.
  • If, based on the information submitted, the claim is found to be not covered under warranty then the tekVizion Warranty Expert will inform the submitter at that point and be given the option for support at tekVizion’s standard rates.
  • Assuming the claim appears to be covered, the issue is then assigned to an engineer who will start investigating the issue. The tekVizion Warranty Expert will be in contact with you throughout this process.
  • The claim submitter will also be required to provide a Purchase Order or credit card information in the case the claim is found to not be covered, or the diagnosis time exceeds 4 hours.
  • If the issue is deemed as not covered under the warranty because of misconfiguration or other mismatch, you will billed for the diagnosis hours at tekVizion’s standard rates.
  • At that point, tekVizion can be contracted to further help with problem resolution.

Who can make the claim?

Enterprise customers are encouraged to contact their service provider or vendor, from whom the solution was procured, to submit the claim. However, claims will be accepted from enterprise customers directly.

What do you need to process a claim?

The following information will be needed to process a claim

  • The version of the products the issues are identified with
  • A description of the problem
  • The sample configuration of the vendor product in question
  • Call traces for the problem
  • Technical contact to discuss the issue with the tekVizion engineer

How long does it take to process the claim?

Once a claim is submitted via the online claim form, a tekVizion Warranty Expert will respond to the claimant within one business day to start the claim process. After the information has been verified, a tekVizion engineer will be assigned to work the issue. The majority of issues can be diagnosed within 4 hours or less, at which point tekVizion will provide a workaround, configuration change or version change recommendation.

This timing could be delayed if responses for information, call traces, etc. are not promptly provided by the end customer technical contact.

Claim Validation

What is classified as a valid claim?

If the product versions that were tested match the claimed product versions, and the call traces and configurations show that the #tekVizionVerified test result was incorrect, then the claim is deemed valid. At that point tekVizion will provide work-around, configuration changes and/or version upgrade/downgrade recommendations. tekVizion will also provide a re-test and updated configuration guide or application notes.

What happens if a claim is found to be invalid?

If a claim is found to be invalid (e.g., the problem was the result was a misconfiguration, the product version is not what was tested, etc.) then the claiming party will be charged for the diagnostic hours at tekVizion’s standard support rates.

At that point, tekVizion can be contracted with for further support, to find a work-around or perform a thorough test of the deployed configuration. 

Additional Questions

To diagnose the problem, does tekVizion need access to the enterprise production network?

tekVizion will not need access to the production network directly. The tekVizion engineer will work with the enterprise’s identified technical contact to collect information from the production network for diagnostics.

Under what business hours is the warranty supported?

The claim, including process, diagnosis and issue resolution, will be worked under tekVizion’s normal business hours. For North America, the supported hours are 7AM to 7PM Central Standard Time; for Europe the support hours are 7AM to 7PM U.K. Standard Time, excluding weekends and holidays.

I am providing credit card information. How secure is it?

Customer security is highly critical to tekVizion. We will not store the credit card information and will only use it to process charges for the diagnostic time if required (e.g., the claim is found to not be covered under warranty). If we don’t need to charge the credit card, we will discard the credit card information.

What if my vendor products are not #tekVizionVerified, but I still need some assistance with interworking between the products?

tekVizion will be glad to help you. Please reach out to a tekVizion sales rep at sales@tekvizion.com or call 1-214-242-5900.

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