tekVizion Chosen by RingCentral as a Testing Provider for its Hardware Partner Certification Program

tekVizion, the #1 user experience testing provider for enterprise communication and collaboration solutions, announced today that they have been selected by RingCentral, a leading provider of global enterprise cloud communications, video meetings, collaboration, and contact center solutions, as a provider of independent testing services to manage the RingCentral Hardware Partner Certification Program. RingCentral hardware partners can now certify their devices with tekVizion to verify interoperability with the RingCentral cloud communications platform.

“Thanks to the support of tekVizion, we were able to accelerate the certification of our Snom D7xx desk set devices with RingCentral. This certification expands the products’ advanced capabilities and accommodates the needs of our ever-growing customer base,” said Chris Trittin, Senior Sales Director at Vtech/SNOM

RingCentral chose tekVizion to be a hardware testing partner due to their industry expertise, historical capabilities in providing certification testing, strong partnerships with industry leaders, and largest multivendor testing lab. tekVizion’s ability to expertly onboard companies to RingCentral’s Hardware Partner Certification program will help enable RingCentral’s Partner ecosystem to grow.

“We are excited to partner up with tekVizion to further accelerate the ecosystem of vendor devices that will successfully interoperate with RingCentral,” said Shiraz Hasan, head of GTM strategy and strategic alliances at RingCentral.  “tekVizion’s valuable experience in scaling certification programs quickly will help us build an array of preferred devices.”

“Independently certified devices help RingCentral customers deploy communication and contact-center services with the confidence that they will work and provide value for end users. Our program ensures a positive user experience and improves reliability, helping customers to make informed decisions. We strive for them to take maximum advantage of the RingCentral platform,” said Chakra Devalla, CEO of tekVizion.

Businesses interested in learning more about how to get RingCentral Certified should visit:

Hardware Partners Certification for the RingCentral Platform. Eligible hardware products for the RingCentral platform include SIP phones (used with RingCentral MVP and RingCentral Contact Center), headsets (used often with RingCentral Contact Center), and video conferencing hardware (used often with RingCentral Rooms.)

Has your company already been approved by RingCentral? Learn more about becoming certified via tekVizion here: https://www.tekvizion.com/premier-technology-partners/ringcentral/

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