Webex for BroadWorks: Automated Testing is a Necessity

UCaaS (UC-as-a- Service) adoption is skyrocketing, and the pandemic is boosting it further. There are multiple UCaaS providers in the market today including Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, 8×8, Vonage, Zoom, and others. Cisco recently evolved its Webex client with BroadWorks (BW) calling capabilities and released it as Webex for BroadWorks for service providers utilizing the BroadWorks platform.

With Webex for BroadWorks, subscribers can use a single application, Webex client, to take advantage of the capabilities offered by both platforms. This service offers a complete set of features that include:

  • PSTN calling
  • BW calling
  • Webex VoIP Calls
  • Ability to host and join Webex meetings
  • Messaging (one-to-one, spaces) and presence

Webex for BroadWorks has turned out to be the one-stop solution for the Cisco BroadWorks based Unified Communication services, and there are multiple checkpoints to ensure the reliability of this service. Cisco releases a new version of Webex client every month, continuous updates on Webex cloud, BroadWorks updates, changes in the service provider network, and frequent desktop (Windows/Mac) and mobile updates. Amid these constantly evolving environments, the service providers need to continuously ensure the availability of the voice services on Webex clients and keep up with the SLAs.

Continuously evolving networks need continuous end-to-end testing to ensure uninterrupted connectivity and high-quality service. One can either perform these tests manually or automate them. Manual testing is time-consuming, expensive, and a roadblock to scalability, while automated testing takes the manual labor out of the extensive testing process. tekVizion’s end-to-end automation solution, included in our tekVizion 360° service, will help service providers constantly validate the voice services and provides additional insights into any issues. It also enables the service providers to perform validation of their services remotely, a key feature that has greatly benefitted service providers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Be it a change in the network, upgrade of a network device, or a newer version of Webex client, to ensure end-to-end reliability of Webex voice services, the service providers can either schedule or perform on-demand tests, or even integrate the automation as part of their CI/CD to provide a continuous testing service. The automation will perform the required sets of validations and display the results while maintaining detailed logs for further analysis.

With tekVizion’s automation solution at hand, the service providers can confidently stay up-to-date with the latest versions of the platforms and applications, and quickly validate the impact of network changes on their services.

To know more about our automation solution, please reach out to us for a demo at info@tekvizion.com.

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