Automated Testing Helps IPC Unigy Customers Optimize Quality and Reliability of their voice trading systems

tekVizion’s onPOINT continuous testing platform helps financial services firms avoid any downtime for voice trading systems 

PLANO, Texas, U.S.A. — May 9, 2017 — tekVizion is helping IPC Unigy customers ensure top performance and reliability of their communications and voice trading systems through its onPOINT™ continuous testing platform.

A true automated solution, onPOINT tests all end points to validate that they are working in peak condition, that functionality was not compromised and that business revenues are protected. Businesses can test their communications system proactively – on a weekly or daily basis, for example – or continuously for real-time monitoring.

End-point testing is a laborious and often costly task that takes valuable resources away from more strategic projects. It starts with lab testing and proceeds to front room functional testing. This typically requires IT staff to go office-to-office, desk-to-desk to manually test end points, such as turrets and PBX phones. As a result, many businesses perform this testing inconsistently, which can lead to unpredictable system behavior and broken functionality. This creates vulnerability where businesses first learn of potential issues as they are already occurring and are forced to rollback to previous software versions. Regular automated testing can mitigate this and enable businesses to pre-emptively head off potential problems, while also reducing both cost and time.

“IT and Communications teams are already understaffed and often overloaded with work. By automating end-point and communication systems testing, onPOINT performs the testing and proactively alerts the business of vulnerabilities while allowing IT professionals to focus on more strategic tasks, such as optimizing communications networks based on data from the automated onPOINT testing,” said Israel Hersh, SVP Business Development, tekVizion.

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tekVizion helps service providers, vendors and enterprise customers accelerate time to value, improve reliability and reduce the costs of deploying multi-vendor communication networks. tekVizion offers a range of services including interoperability testing, on-demand access to virtual lab environments, automated test platforms and custom application development.

Founded in 2002, tekVizion hosts the first interoperability lab of its kind. The company’s extensive lab resources include over 250 network elements and a team of dedicated specialists, certifying over 400 applications per year. tekVizion is headquartered in Plano, Texas, with offices in Chennai, India, and London. Contact us at +,, or visit

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