Boosting Productivity – Making the Right Call

When it comes to productivity, there are far too many distractions, diversions and traps already in the workplace. Construction noises from the office next door, Facebook, unnecessary meetings, even nice weather outside. Is your business working to boost productivity or are you inadvertently sapping to it?

Tools, apps and equipment that do not work are perhaps the biggest drain on productivity. How can an accountant finish a report without access to basic data? Or a doctor give accurate advice without current patient records? In fact, IT departments are dedicated to improving technologies that will optimize productivity. Providing the latest upgrades, updates and even new apps to maximize effectiveness. And yet, many businesses overlook one of the most useful tools in the office – the phone!


How can your star salesperson land the big deal if her phone isn’t working? Or she can’t hear? Are you even answering the important calls?

The challenge is in continuously testing phones to make sure they are in peak form. In the past, this has required IT staff to go from phone to phone, office to office to manually test each one. Is there a dial tone? Jitter? Are features like call transfer or conferencing working? Testing was a time-consuming process that took key staff away from more important projects. In fact, testing phone endpoints was all but begging for an automated solution.


tekVizion heard this from many customers and developed onPOINT — an intuitive, automated testing application that can check status on phones throughout the enterprise with the push of a button. Not only does this free IT staff from a time-consuming task, but it allows businesses to test regularly for a more continuous approach.

Early customers have been very positive on the service. Especially Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) providers who need to verify that phones are working in top order. In addition to testing phones and features, the onPOINT Quality of Service report gives great insight to how the UCaaS service is performing. Measuring jitter, packet loss, delay and quality, service providers are able to quickly identify areas that need improvement.


The fully automated endpoint testing can be pre-scheduled or performed on demand. It can use pre-defined or customizable test plans and has remote accessibility.

onPOINT provides a straightforward and easy way to boost productivity by ensuring that all phones are working – and working well. You don’t want to miss a big opportunity because a phone was down. Or tick off a loyal client because your business was unresponsive. Automated endpoint testing makes sure you always get the call and that you are, well, onPOINT.


We are demonstrating onPOINT with Polycom at the Broadsoft Connections conference this week. Or you can contact us to set up your own demo by emailing or visiting

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