Everything you need to know about the Skype for Business Certification for ISV Partner Solutions


At WPC this year Microsoft announced that they were re-opening the certification program for ISV partner solutions and launched a new, revised website to showcase certified applications: apps.skypeforbusiness.com.

There is also a explanation page describing the program overview, its benefits and a high-level process flow.

However there was no other information for developers or software houses interested in finding out more about the program, what’s involved, how it works etc. I figured I probably wasn’t the only one with unanswered questions about the program and what to do next so I decided to approach the two certification organisations to see if I could find out more information.

I reached out to the two partners offering the certification, Wipro and tekVizion. Vimal Andrews at tekVizion responded and was kind enough to give me nearly an hour of his and his colleague’s (Tracy Venters) time. It’s thanks to them offering their time so graciously that I’m able to bring you the information below.

Read the full blog here.

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