Team Within tekVizion Launches Scholarship and Leads the Way for Giving Back to the Community

payitforward1When we started to recruit engineers from Don Bosco College Angadikadavu in Kannu, Kerala, we knew we were getting great talent from a leading academic institution. In fact, the graduates were so impressive that in 2014 we hired four — Jinto Joy, Kavitha K, Krishnapria AV and Manu Baby. They’ve all become strong and valued contributors to our team in Chennai.

What we didn’t expect was the graciousness and willingness these Don Bosco graduates had to help both tekVizion grow and fellow students gain new opportunities. With a desire to give back to the organization that helped prepare them for a career with tekVizion, these four employees launched the tekVizion Don Bosco Scholarship. They contribute a part of their salary to fund it.

payitforward2Awarded to the student with top grades for software engineering in the graduating class, this year’s recipient was Akhil Jose. tekVizion’s four Don Bosco alumni were proud to present the scholarship to him.

Most of us were unaware that Jinto, Kavitha, Krishnapria and Manu had taken this initiative to give back to Don Bosco and encourage new students. Personally I was blown away by their generosity and commitment to help others. It made me realize that we gained more than strong engineers from Don Bosco; we strengthened the tekVizion team with four extraordinary people. We couldn’t be more proud.

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