OnRAMP: Testing Insight Can Accelerate your Implementation Success

One of the most overlooked benefits of interoperability testing is insight. Sure, the primary objective is to verify that a new solution will work within your system. But during that process, testing often reveals what works, where potential pitfalls lie and areas where the solution can be optimized.

It’s a shame not to leverage this valuable knowledge, yet so many businesses see testing as a final validation before making a decision. It’s an older view that doesn’t see testing as an integral part of the overall process to implement the very best solution.

Imagine if your company could tap into that insight and not only ensure that the solution will work, but also that the deployment will be smooth and straightforward. Accelerating your time to value.

Now take it a step further and act upon the lessons learned from testing to fully optimize the solution. Go from ‘it works’ to ‘wow, this is seamless.” We are not exactly talking about easy solutions either. SIP trunking, cloud communications, video integration, Internet of Things (IoT). Finding a way to streamline and optimize deployment in a way that guarantees success, well that’s hitting the trifecta. (Speaking of guaranteeing success, check out our tekVizionVerified program.)

The way to achieve this is to integrate testing with professional services to deploy a new solution.  This is how tekVizion came to develop our onRAMP program. Many customers asked us about professional services after getting results from the interoperability testing.

“Now that testing shows us how to integrate the solution with full interoperability, can you help us deploy?” is what customers often asked. We heard and listened, building a team to help with deployments that can build custom solutions as needed. Sometimes when we test, we get visibility in what is preventing a solution from being interoperable. onRAMP services then takes that knowledge and develops a solution to make it work.

Based on demand, a great deal of our onRAMP projects have been cloud migrations. This is a challenging area where a deep understanding of potential issues can increase not only the speed of delivery but overall performance of the solution. We are increasingly seeing interest in IoT deployments as well.

While we can provide the end-to-end implementation, tekVizion can also work with service providers, vendors and firms delivering provisioning solutions and monitoring tools already in place. In fact, our expertise in understanding interoperability and how to make a solution work helps us develop customized solutions. This can allow a service provider to stay focused on their core competency of implementation while we develop the customized piece that will make it interoperable.

It’s all part of an emerging new way to view testing as a more strategic part of the overall process. We’ve helped a number of businesses and service providers save a great deal of time and money with a test data-backed plan to implement and optimize. An onRAMP, so to speak, to accelerated success.

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