Intelepeer Puts Sales Enablement onTAP with tekVizion

inteleperWhen Intelepeer signed up as an early customer for onTAP, the company thought it would leverage tekVizion’s new virtual communications lab for interoperability testing. And indeed, Intelepeer has verified its SIP trunking and cloud routing services across major platforms. What the company did not expect was a how onTAP could help and even accelerate sales.

And not just with the assurance that Intelepeer’s solutions would work within a particular client’s environment, but by actually demonstrating how. In fact, Intelepeer is the first service provider to take advantage of onTAP’s sale enablement capabilities.

“Setting up a demo was a bit of a hassle before. In addition to significant prep time at the client site before meetings, we had to work with their IT ahead of time to get around their firewall and gain access to their network. With onTAP, we are able to log into the virtual environment shortly before the meeting and walk our clients through the demo without bothering their staff or taking away any of their resources,” said Shawn Augenstein, CPE engineer at Intelepeer.

onTAP-LogoAnnounced last month onTAP is a virtual lab that includes all major telecommunications technologies, including PBX and VoIP infrastructure and business communications applications. This allows companies to test interoperability for services such as SIP trunking or Skype for Business from virtually any digitally connected location.

Better yet, companies can take insight from that testing to optimize applications for maximum value. And with ability to easily tap into the virtual lab via the cloud, sales enablement has emerged as an exciting new benefit.

“This is enabling a shift from ‘tell me’ the solution will work in my environment to ‘show me.’ As clients see the solution with their own eyes, their confidence level skyrockets. Which often accelerates the decision and helps sales to close the deal,” said Vimal Andrews, director of strategic accounts at tekVizion.

Intelepeer recently employed the onTAP lab to demonstrate Skype for Business interoperability and capabilities for several clients.

“The demo was flawless with no hiccups. From implementation to demo, the process was straightforward and ultimately ran as smooth as silk. I’ve no doubt this service helped us sell more effectively and land new business,” Augenstein said.

In addition to verifying interoperability for clients with a live onTAP demo, Intelepeer is also using the cloud-based lab to troubleshoot issues with vendors. This gets back to the ‘show vs. tell’ approach where Intelepeer is able to demonstrate an area that needs improvement to help a vendor quickly deliver a solution that is both interoperable and optimized for the best results.

“There is something about seeing a solution for yourself that anchors the decision, taking it from the hypothetical to something highly tangible. onTAP provides that proving ground and helps sales demonstrate value. It’s a powerful new tool for the sales arsenal,” said Andrews.

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