Accelerate the Buying Cycle with a Verification Guarantee

“That sounds great. Now can I get that in writing?”

You don’t have to be a master negotiator to understand this simple principle. Get proof of what is being offered. Hard evidence that will hold everyone accountable.

And yet so many technology decisions are made based on someone’s word. We’ve heard numerous cases where customers have been told that a SIP trunking service will work with any SIP-enabled PBX. Or since Microsoft Lync 2013 works on that platform, then Skype for Business should be fine too. Then there is the classic line that because it’s cloud-based, it will work with any software solution. Potentially costly assumptions.

In fact, tekVizion has built our business around optimizing complex, multi-vendor communications networks to deliver maximum value. That includes interoperability verification to help organizations make the right investments in new technologies. We offer the hard facts.

And yet we still have customers ask us to put our money where our mouth is. Beyond verification, they want the security of a guarantee. That extra assurance before they pull the trigger on a buying decision.

I’ll be honest, this felt like a scary idea at first. Can tekVizion guarantee products from other vendors, I questioned. But as I thought about it, I realized that we would not be guaranteeing the products, but our test results. If we are able to prove interoperability within our lab, then we can guarantee those results and stand behind our findings.


And that is exactly what we are doing with the industry’s first Verification Guarantee for interoperability test results. We are delivering the accountability that businesses seek in making major infrastructure decisions. These are often significant investments that can greatly impact mission-critical networks and affect the very way you conduct business.

To be clear, this is not a blanket guarantee that ensures the success of a project. We are talking about complex technologies in the fast-paced business communications environment where a new version or even iteration could deliver significant changes to the application.

But we will stand by our test results with our Verification Guarantee. Meaning that if we validate interoperability at tekVizion, we’ll guarantee that those tech components tested will interoperate in that same configuration in a real-world environment.

Specifics are very important here. The guarantee is based on the exact technologies tested, meaning it does not apply to earlier or later versions of a product or service. If we prove that an application version released in 2013 will work with a specific PBX, that guarantee does not extend to a later version released in 2015, for example. That would require a separate verification for that specific configuration.

What happens if the guaranteed technologies do not interoperate in the configuration tested? tekVizion will allocate resources to understand why a solution is not interoperable, including consulting services to help make it work. Of course, if the configuration is not the same as what was tested, tekVizion can still offer our consulting services to troubleshoot and find a solution.

Early customers have been highly enthusiastic about our Verification Guarantee, with several noting a greater level of confidence in making their buying decision. Which in turn is speeding the buying process.

Which is all part of our goal to help solution providers, vendors and enterprise customers accelerate their time to value with the most reliable and cost-effective business communications available. We’re so confident that we can help, we guarantee it!

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