onPOINT for UCaaS Providers

Centralized Management of endpoints – Single Pane of Glass

“onPOINT is entrenched in our day-to-day processes and has significantly improved our operational efficiency”

– Vonage

Endpoint Management for UCaaS Providers

onPOINT™ is an automation platform using the endpoint’s SDK to continuously check the health of an Unified Communications (UC) network. A network administrator is able to discover, deploy, update and troubleshoot phones remotely Beyond just monitoring the health of the network, onPOINT allows to remotely manage, configure, verify and validate all features are functioning as expected on the endpoints. onPOINT can track the quality of the calls and give a live feedback on the health of the UCaaS network.

Continuous updates and changes to network elements puts a burden on reliability and customer experience. onPOINT can automate verification and significantly reduce the cost, improve your network quality and increase customer satisfaction.

Key Features

Remotely Configure & Management

  • Avoid truck rolls when activating new service
  • Timeline feature showing all changes to the devices
  • Remote configuration management
  • Real-time validation and diagnostics

Remote Phone Service Validation

  • Automated discovery of the phones when activated
  • Validation of the device after onboarding
  • Run nightly service verification for high SLAs

Service Desk for remote diagnostics of Phones

  • “Easy Button” for help desk to diagnose an issue
  • Compare configuration changes
  • Bulk upgrades & validation

Security Management

  • Manage/validate the Phone Firewall configuration
  • Run a security diagnostics on device

Automated Testing

  • Certify new phone loads 80% faster
  • Validation multiple models at once
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