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Solutions for Healthcare

Ensuring Reliability of Hospital Telecommunications

Phone services for hospitals are very critical for incoming ER notifications, suicide prevention hotlines and surgery scheduling. Security patch implementation schedules and software upgrades impede new features and upgrade activities, putting voice infrastructure at risk. tekVizion helps plan, implement and validate these critical hospital phone services for every upgrade or a migration to a new platform.

onPOINT for Hospitals

Hospitals are 24×7 care providers which require highly reliable communication services. Agile software environments along with a flood of security patches can inundate the hospitals IT manual test efforts. Manual testing is unpredictable, it is long in duration and is not providing sufficient test coverage.

Additionally, to address business vulnerabilities, hospitals must deploy security patches shortly after becoming available. The large pipeline of software upgrades and the manual nature of testing, delays applying security patches and functional improvements to the communication systems. Hospitals may be at risk due to these security vulnerabilites or telephony system outages. Best effort, manual testing cannot provide the same reliability and consistency as automated testing.

tekVizion onPOINT helps test these critical hospital phone services automatically across the enterprise avoiding the need to send scarce IT resources to remote sites.

One prominent hospital in New York City is using onPOINT to validate their upgraded systems and accelerate service provider PRI-to-SIP porting and user migration from old to new communication systems.

Benefits of tekVizion onPOINT

  • Automatically and simultaneously validate a large number of phones with fewer resources
  • Ensure continued service of critical organizations such as suicide hotlines, surgery center, and emergency room services.
  • Increase reliability by expanding test coverage and adding test regularity
  • Increase efficiency and user satisfaction by enabling remote site debugging and validation
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Manage & operate your Phone and Collaboration systems

Day-to-day management and operation of your Cisco or Microsoft Unified Communications systems is not a trivial task given that vendors like Cisco and Microsoft continue to release new products in this domain such as Webex Teams, Microsoft Teams, etc. The number of security patches and software releases keep increasing on a daily basis requiring the systems to be maintained for safety and compliance. Acquiring and retaining talent to keep pace can be problematic for even large organizations.

tekVizion Manage and Operate offer will provide a fully managed service of your unified communications with the latest tools and best practices keeping systems current with the latest security patches and software releases. Our team of experts, that who have been testing Cisco and Microsoft for over 10 years, will manage your system so your team of experts can focus on your business needs.

Benefits of tekVizion Manage & Operate Service

  • tekVizion is the certification lab for Cisco and Microsoft, so we test the solutions you are buying from these vendors. Our inside knowledge gives us the added advantage when managing your systems.
  • Our best practices and automation tools will reduce your costs of operations
  • We future proof your telephony investment

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Learn how automation of testing work flows can increase the quality, efficiency and speed of rolling out and maintaining high quality business communication networks.

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