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Solutions for Financial Services

Mitigating Risks for Financial Trading Systems

Missing an important call during securities trading can be very costly. While most securities are currently traded electronically, fixed income, commodities and currency (FICC) trading is largely based on voice trading utilizing a phone or unified communications platform including Dealerboard or Turret systems. These trading systems and underlying networks have system and security patches that are manuallly tested creating a backlog of patches. Replacing manual testing of these high-leverage systems with tekVizion’s fully automated onPOINT can dramatically mitigate risk and reduce the cost while increasing the coverage of testing.

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Automation Coverage

90% on Dial Tone and 75% on the Turrets & Pulse

Annual Time Saving

90% reduction in time

Annual Cost Saving


onPOINT For Production (Walk the Floor)

Weekend software upgrades of the voice trading system are followed by the dispach of the operations team to “walk the floor” to ensure all the trading positions are functioning prior to the market open. This is a time consuming process given the thousands of trading positions on the trading floor.

Our onPOINT FS solution automates the “walk the floor” process reducing the test time from hours to minutes thus enabling repeated testing and a predictable process completion. With onPOINT, hundreds of phones or turrets can be scheduled for automated testing. onPOINT will not only test turret features, but will also validate the audio quality for each call for MiFID II compliance.

Benefits of onPOINT

  • Every phone and turret can be automatically tested and comprehensively verified — performing a virtual walk of the floor
  • Multiple turrets can be tested simultaneously foregoing the current serial and manual testing method shortening the entire test cycle
  • Accelerate the system upgrades and validation process from days into a few hours.
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onPOINT For Lab

The voice trading system is mission critical. It is dynamically changing due to a constant flow of software and configuration changes. Engineers are continuously testing and certifying software releases and patches to prevent business outages. Manual testing is unpredictable, it is long in duration and is not providing sufficient test coverage.

Additionally, to address business vulnerabilities, financial institutions must deploy security patches within 30 days of becoming available. The large pipeline of software upgrades and the manual nature of testing, delays applying security patches and functional improvements to the voice trading system.

Our onPOINT FS solution keeps your IPC trading turrets and the Unigy platform operating at their best by automating your test workflows. Once you apply the patch or an upgrade, it’s as simple as scheduling an onPOINT test suite to validate all the call scenarios with media. onPOINT will run the library of test cases, record the results and even provide causes for failure. With an optional trace capture server, SIP messages can be captured and onPOINT will validate those SIP messages to ensure the call scenario is correct.

Benefits of onPOINT FS

  • Modify out-of-the-box test cases and build regression tests suites to address the growing patches and software releases.
  • Assure MiFID II compliance by validating media paths
  • Automate off-hour scheduled testing allowing your highly skilled engineers to work on more important tasks during business hours
  • Increase test coverage for every patch, point release and major upgrade while reducing costs

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