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For Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) Providers

The Cisco HCS solution is complex with many moving parts. HCS service providers can spend a year or more testing each release. tekVizion’s onPOINTTM automation tools and services accelerate your deployments and enhance your operational agility–so that you can monetize HCS features and functions faster.

Our comprehensive approach includes automation tools and services to address your Day 0, Day 1, and Day 2 needs:

  • onPOINT Call Flow Automation: Verify call flows for Cisco phones in your lab or in production.
  • onPOINT Dial Plan verification: Validate dial plan modifications in your lab prior to production deployments.
  • onPOINT Site Migration: Migrate from legacy PBX to HCS, or from on-premise CUCM to HCS.

onPOINT HCS. Nimble. Smart. Automation.

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For Voice Trading Systems in Financial Services

Financial services firms need to maximize uptime and minimize their risks when it comes to their business-critical voice trading systems. onPOINT FSTM gets you there.

At tekVizion, we understand that voice trading systems play a central role at capital markets firms. Any downtime, no matter how short, has a detrimental impact on company revenues and profits.

Our onPOINT FS solution keeps your IPCTM trading turrets and UnigyTM platform operating at their best by automating your test workflows. Now, your IT team can eliminate long, tedious, inconsistent validation cycles. With onPOINT FS, you have the power to schedule test workflows or to run them on-demand.

Leverage dynamic reports and data to detect operational and compliance issues early. Reduce your business and security risks.

Benefits Include:

  • Maximum uptime of trading turrets
  • Speed through accelerated testing workflows
  • Enhanced reliability of dealer boards
  • Better visibility into system performance
  • Efficiency that enables a more proactive IT approach

Read how onPOINT FS helps IPC Unigy customers.

onPOINT FS. Nimble. Smart. Automation.

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Testing as a Service by tekVizion

With Testing as a Service (TaaS) we provide service providers and enterprises with a dedicated tekVizion team to perform all of your interoperability and solution testing, reducing your engineering overhead and letting you focus on your core networks and products.

In a recent survey, tekVizion found that over 80% of service providers and a similar number of enterprises do not have adequate hardware, software and resources to perform their testing needs in-house.

With Testing as a Service from tekVizion, we give you access to our growing inventory of IP-PBXs and over 250 other network products and applications to dramatically reduce your capital expenditures.  (Click here to see a sampling of what’s in our lab.) Our team will be an extension of your team, guided by the market requirements driving your business.

Key Benefits:

  • Accelerate time to revenue
  • Reduce development costs
  • Reduce deployment costs
  • Improve quality
  • Enable market expansion
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Certification Testing

tekVizion provides independent validation of interoperability between elements in business communication solutions. The majority of the world’s leading vendors have outsourced their interoperability test programs to tekVizion including Cisco, GENBAND, Microsoft, Mitel, NEC, Panasonic, ShoreTel, Unify and more. Read more about our Premier Tenants who are permanent fixtures in our lab here.

In addition to validating components and software applications, tekVizion also certifies SIP trunks from service providers with communication networks. tekVizion’s SIP Trunk Testing service offers exhaustive SIP Trunk test procedures, resulting in comprehensive configuration guides. Service providers who validate before attempting to turn-up trunks at customer sites realize dramatic improvements in speed of deployment, ROI and customer satisfaction.

Don’t see the vendor you need to certify with listed here? No problem! We have over 250 network elements already in our lab and the list is growing every day. Click here to find out more. We currently certify over 400 business communications applications per year. We are so confident in our work, we guarantee it with our unprecedented #tekVizionVerified Guarantee.

Read more about our #tekVizionVerified Guarantee here.

To see what has already been certified, search

Key Benefits:

  • Accelerate service deployment
  • Avoid capital equipment expenses
  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Increase customer satisfaction


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Learn how automation of testing work flows can increase the quality, efficiency and speed of rolling out and maintaining high quality business communication networks.

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