SIP Trunk Testing

While SIP Trunks offer attractive cost savings and centralized management advantages over traditional trunking, ensuring that a service provider’s SIP solution works with a particular PBX and SBC infrastructure is critical.

As a recent survey from the SIP School shows, over 80% of current deployments of SIP Trunks exhibited problems. For the deployments that were problem free, testing and proper configuration documentation were cited as the reasons for success.

However, with a proliferation of PBX and SBC platforms on the market – each with multiple versions – verification becomes a big challenge for the service provider.

tekVizion’s SIP Trunk Testing service offers exhaustive SIP Trunk test procedures, resulting in comprehensive configuration guides. tekVizion Labs contains over 250 network elements, including more than 40 PBXs, which are supported by subject matter experts to help ensure successful interoperability.

Service providers who validate before attempting to turn-up trunks at customer sites realize dramatic improvements in speed of deployment, ROI and customer satisfaction.


  • Accelerate service deployment
  • Avoid capital equipment expenses
  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Increase customer satisfaction
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