onTAP Virtual Communications Labs in the Cloud

onTAP™ is an on-demand, cloud-based lab service featuring virtualized instances of business communications applications and services from the world’s leading vendors.

onTAP provides a great option for development and testing, training, sales demos, proof of concepts and more.

onTAP eliminates the costly expense of buying the hardware, software, and other components required to set up a system of your own. It also eliminates the need for dedicated engineers who must become trained to configure and maintain the systems.

onTAP provides virtual test labs for both business communications systems, applications, as well as services such as SIP trunking.

With onTAP, a user simply logs onto the easy-to-use web-based portal, chooses the lab environment they need, reserves the days they need them, and chooses how they will connect. That’s it! Reserving a lab is as easy as ordering a pizza! Once reserved, connection to the lab is done through the cloud from the convenience of a PC desktop.

Don’t have the physical endpoints to perform the testing? No problem. onTAP’s Cloud Phone feature provides softphone models of the industry’s leading SIP phones and includes the ability to simulate actual testing of these endpoints as if they were sitting on your desk. With Cloud Phone users can test features such as 3-way calling, call transfer, hold and retrieve, last number redial and much more.


  • Accelerate time to market and enable continuous feature delivery
  • Reduce development time and costs
  • Ensure solution reliability prior to deployment
  • Expand addressable market by being able to test new integrations
  • Tap into tekVizion’s expertise and support when needed
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