onPOINT™ Automated Testing

Communications systems are the lifeblood of any organization. Whether it’s communicating internally between employees, with vendors – or most importantly with customers –  without a reliable way to collaborate (via phone, video, online sharing, chat or email) work just doesn’t get done!

We are living in an age where the capabilities and integrations of our Business Communications systems are more complex, and evolving more rapidly, than ever before. Updates to the call manager, endpoints, session border controllers and numerous integrations with other mission-critical business applications such as CRM are now released in a matter of weeks – versus the yearlong development cycles of the past. These updates are important as they add new features to help your business stay competitive, and also in today’s world patches to plug security holes come often and are critical to the business.

For communications service providers or large enterprises who must ensure their endpoints are “always on” and working as expected, the task of reliability testing any new software update before deployment can become a significant investment in engineering resources.

Automation is the only practical solution to enable providers to roll out updates in a timely fashion while still maintaining the  quality to ensure all endpoints are not only connected, but also working as expected.

tekVizion’s onPOINT™ is an automation platform to test endpoints in a business communications network. Beyond just monitoring the health of the endpoints, onPOINT can automatically run test scripts to ensure functions such as 3 way calling, call transfer, call hold and retrieve and so many other critical features are working. tekVizion can provide test scripts based on our many years of experience, or provide a customized test plan that meets a provider’s unique needs.

Key features of onPOINT:

  • Completely automated endpoint testing
  • Pre-scheduled or on demand testing
  • Pre-defined or customizable test plans
  • Phone state and performance monitoring
  • Remote accessibility
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Intuitive user interface and dashboard to facilitate fast identification and resolution of problems


  • Accelerate deployment for new customers or upgrades for existing customers
  • Automated testing is significantly less expensive than having engineers perform tests manually
  • Improve reliability through automated and continuous testing
  • Identify and diagnose problems faster, save time and money via remote support
  • Enables ability to offer expanded number of endpoint choices and new features
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