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ShoreTel Certification & Qualification Testing

ShoreTel TechConnect is a global program that enables third-party solutions to interoperate and integrate with ShoreTel’s UC Solution. tekVizion is proud to serve the ShoreTel TechConnect community by providing certification testing to ensure that their solutions interwork as expected.

tekVizion Labs is the only qualified testing partner to certify your solution.

To complete ShoreTel Interoperability testing, the following steps are required:

  1. Become a ShoreTel TechConnect member by registering at: or
  2. Already a member, but have a new product or want to update your certifications?
    Reach out to or call 214-242-5900 to request and schedule testing.
  3. Once testing is complete, tekVizion will develop the Application Note and provide it to ShoreTel, who will review and post to ShoreTel’s program website:
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