BROADSOFT Certification & Qualification Testing

Interoperability Testing to BroadSoft’s BroadWorks

Vendors interested in performing interoperability testing between their product and BroadSoft’s BroadWorks can come to tekVizion Labs to have this testing performed. BroadSoft may recognize a vendor as “Outsourcer Validated” if the vendor passes one of either tekVizion Verification or tekVizion Certification tests.

BroadSoft defines Outsourcer Validation as:  The validation testing is performed by an external third-party company. The outsourcer has installed a BroadWorks system in its lab and has access to the BroadSoft technical interop documentation. The outsourcer also is trained on how to configure BroadWorks for different devices, and how to carry out the actual test cases.

cert_verified_logoVendors who are tekVizion Verified to BroadSoft are verified specifically on behalf of BroadSoft. In this scenario, tekVizion will use BroadSoft’s test plan. BroadSoft will determine the pass/fail status based on their criteria. Vendors may provide BroadSoft with a Configuration Guide along with the tekVizion Labs test report.

cert_certifiedVendors who are tekVizion Certified to BroadSoft are tested using tekVizion’s test plans and processes and tekVizion determines their pass/fail status based on BroadSoft’s criteria. This testing is more exhaustive and comprehensive than the BroadSoft test plan but offers the vendor more visibility into their product capabilities.

BroadSoft Recognition:

In either case, if the vendor wishes to have their product and company name listed on BroadSoft’s web site, they will need to pass either the Verification or Certification testing and they will be responsible for providing the final test report to BroadSoft.

BroadSoft will review the test report and it will be posted on the BroadSoft knowledgebase unless the Vendor provides a separate BroadSoft specific Configuration Guide. Approved customers have the authority to login to the knowledgebase to view these reports or configuration guides.

BroadSoft Contact:

If you have questions for BroadSoft concerning this interoperability testing, please contact the following individual:

Dave Block
Business Development

BroadSoft Company Overview:

BroadSoft’s VoIP application software is revolutionizing the delivery of hosted telephony and multimedia services. Its flagship BroadWorks® technology empowers wireless and wireline carriers to deliver next-generation voice and multimedia applications and advanced features that increase revenue, enhance competitive differentiation and elevate customer satisfaction. BroadSoft’s family of carrier-class software products delivers the scale, open architecture and reliability that the world’s leading telecommunications companies demand to serve mission-critical enterprise and residential broadband customers. BroadSoft’s customer base of more than 100 network operators, including BellSouth, MCI, Singtel, Telstra and XO Communications leads the industry with more than 900,000 lines deployed. Additional information is available at

Product Available for Testing:

BroadSoft’s BroadWorks® VoIP Application Platform
BroadSoft’s BroadWorks® platform provides a comprehensive range of advanced applications, including hosted PBX, IP Centrex, mobile PBX, business trunking and residential broadband services fully integrated into a single VoIP applications platform. BroadWorks is uniquely capable of providing these applications with the reliability, redundancy, scalability and regulatory capabilities required to deliver carrier-class service.